ON-LINE Freight exchange databank
  • E-spedice lowers your transportation cost up to 50%
  • Find the best transport for your freight
  • Find freights for your empty vehicles
  • You can choose from more than 2000 warehouses from Czech and Slovak republic

Presentation of Espedice.cz

We would like to introduce you ON-LINE Freight exchange databank not only for haulers and forwarders, which focus on making full use of trasnport vehicles capacity in Europe. Our transport databank makes the job easier for dispatchers and companies, that need to make full use of transport vehicles.

The system is very simple. It is based on adding your information about your empty vehicle. By adding new offer to the system, which immediately appears in section Empty vehicle with all the neccesary information.

  • lower your cost for transportation up to 50%
  • get new customers for free...
  • you will be able to improve use of your vehicle capacity for your truck
  • save your time and time of your employees by eliminating expensive search for new customers with our freight exchange databank
  • contact directly the company with freith or empty vehicle and be able to speed up the whole process
  • our services are available anytime from anywhere, 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • the number of companies using freight exchange databank is growing every day

Service Total Today
Available vehicle90

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Czech companies12263
Slovak companies3429
Additional companies310
Registered companies16002

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Freight exchange databank E-spedice is fully operating 1900 dní  (více než 1/4 mil. nabídek/poptávek)

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